Special Projects

New Funds Available

Joint Venture Investment Capital Immediately Available .

Total Amount Available : British Pounds Sterling ( BPS ) 300 million. ( remaining at 15th July 2009 BPS 240 million )

Amount per Project : BPS 5 to 10 million.

Project types sought in order of preferrence ;

a) OIl, Gas, Energy. b) Manufacturing. c) IT and Electrical Manufacturing and software d) Land and Property e) Others.


JVCF are in partnership with Government Departments and their representatives is now engaged in consultation to facilitate a major contract in the Middle East with China and also arranging contracts, investments and concessions in Africa.

The specific industries regarding the above contracts, investments and concessions include but are not limited to ;

Oil, Mining, Infrastructure ( roads, electricity, water and communications ) , Palm Oil and Rubber.

The projects with the best chance of success will have a proven financial/ income track record and not be in a stressed condition, they will also have a business plan and feasibility study which would be attractive to share purchasors.