Network Agents

Our Global Network of Agents  have immediate local access to their own investment sources as well as to our large and ever increasing network of investors and can achieve better and faster results through well developed relationships and all of that is very much to the advantage of every intermediary and client we have the pleasure of serving .

Part of the JVCF practice is unique in as much as, in order to provide a personal service on a global basis, we have a highly experienced network of individuals which bearing in mind time zones provides you with easier and immediate contact.

From our client’s point of view the benefits are substantial and include an ever increasing portfolio of banks, fund managers, joint venture partners and other types of investors to continually increase the options available to all JVCF clients.

Our Network Agents are also available to assist clients in application processing and progress reporting.

This division of our business enables us to provide the personal immediate service so vital during a period which can be stressful without this personal contact.

Our Global Network of Agents are located in the following countries:

Stuart Hackett : Australia
Greg Wilmot : Canada
Joel Vanden Bosch : France
Rene Folsheid : Germany
Elisabeth Werter : Greece
David Ducommun : Hong Kong
Paulo Visconti : Italy
Joseph Gauci : Malta
Ken Kim : Korea
Remy Cima : Netherlands
Pedro Peixoto : Portugal
Alberto Arroyo : Spain
Simon Lee : Singapore
Claudine Janes : Switzerland
Geoffrey Bergen : UAE
Callum Darbyshire : UK
Jennifer Hendrickson : USA
Gene Loscialpo : USA
William West